1000 Bets - Result Below

Hello all,

I’ve joined on 21st and I’ve hit 1000bets today.

£2000 starting bankroll, using the defaults - only changing time before kick off from 6 to 12 hours when I’m not going to be around the PC.

It’s been quite fun, at one point I reached close to £1500 profit (10% Yield). Now I’m just about EV but on a big downswing, hopefully things will start picking up again.

Here are some screenshots, showing my results.

I just want to say big thank you to Tom (tomrrowe) who’s been brilliant for this community and me personally, always super helpful! Same goes to Hanna - thank you guys!

I’m open to advise, going through a rough patch with that downswing, I shouldn’t be changing much as I know the system works, but if you can spot a mistake, please let me know. I’m by all means no experienced in the field so it’s likely I’m doing something wrong.