32 red new account

Hi all, I’ve only been doing value betting for just over 2 weeks now.
And i see 32 red come up with good value bets, I dont have a account with them, And was wondering how quickly i would be resticted.
Many of my bookies i’m gubbed from and mostly stake restricted.
Still have my bet 365 but not using that on rebel for now.
Many thanks

i get restricted in like a week in 32 red

Oh dear, dont sound good . Hope you dont mind me asking,Was you placing big bets?
I’m working with a 1k bankroll so if i did place any bets would be on low stakes for now

nah around 10-15 pounds.40 bets total 250 pounds turnover.

I got restricted in under a week also

I got restricted after 5 bets with 32RED. And then CORAL. LADBROKES and WilliamHill and 10BET in like 2 weeks