48h Results. Not what i was expecting.

48 Hours test.
min max 4-20
odds 1.60-3.30
adjust for open bets.

not what i was expecting. The videos on Youtube, or probably not telling the exact truth, or i am extremely unlucky.

I am curious if this will be posted thought.

RB call it “variance” as not all bets will win, there is no such a system on the planet. I think its a timing thing…as Ive just gone through my worst week ever too. Down day on day every day for 8 days…and its plateuing now, so hopefully an upswing around the corner.
You need to place 1000s of bets to get th eresults they show…and you’ve not even had 100 settled yet.

thanks for your reply. i wish you are right.
how do you find my settings? do you have any adjustments to propose?

post ur setting then

over the weekend you should consider reducing the timeframe from 48 hrs down to possibly 24 hrs, otherwise you will be deluged with bets and tie up all your capital

You’re not having bad luck, this is just normal variance with very few bets (100 bets is nothing). Variance is highest in the beginning. You could just as easily be at +8% yield. To understand why, read here.

Let me know if the article is clear.

Continue with 1000 bets and let me know your results. You have a profit guarantee, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

the profit guarantee is a trick that continues your scum software.
if i will loose 500euro from my bank, waitting your variance to raise, you will not cover my bank.
you will offer me a software for one more month.
so the advantage of “guarantee profit” is a huge lie.

you don’t return subscription money back, and it’s so unacceptable. you are liars. thats all.

kostgr , i sent u private message , answer me there .

The last week has been bad for all of us (male guessing, but l should be right :smiling_face:)…but the two weeks before the gain was way bigger. Just be patient, and good luck!

I understand you’re upset, and I also assume you didn’t read the article.

Everyone here that have read about variance and understands basic maths knows that 100 bets is way too little to draw any conclusions from.

There’s no way you will win every 2.00 bet even if the correct chance is 52%. And if you have a bad streak with just 100 bets, the yield will look bad. Results will move back to expected value in time.

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