5000 bets and still losing money - any tips?


I’ve been placing 5000 bets over the last 3 months and still haven’t had a profitable month. Anyone else had a similar experience?

Should I try something new besides placing new bets?

Welcome to the community.
We are usually a quite helpful bunch but we are not mind readers…
If you share all your settings then, maybe, the community members can give some assistance. If you search the forum you will also see plenty of similar questions to yours, and also improvement replies from community members.

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Thanks, yes I tried upploading a few more screenshots but said I was restricted since it was my first publish.

My setting looks like this:
Bookmakers: Bet 365, ATG, Betsson, MrGreen
Stake size: 30%
Max stake: 2,5%
Value percentage: 2%-44%
Odds. 1,40 - 2,50
Time to match start: 300h

I have tried looking around to see if anyone was in the same situation but couldn’t really find any? The only one I saw was around 2000 bets maybe but if you know any thread I would happily read it :slight_smile:

I read someone talked about the match time setting could be worth changing to shorter. Is that a good go to fix if you are in a lose?

Let me know if I should try and share anything else.

Your settings are overall fine. I would increase the max odds to 2.70 though. Otherwise you miss out on quite a few value-bets. The value percentage of 2% is IMO too low. I would only use that for bets that have 1 hour TTS (Time-To-Start)
In general the further out the TTS is, the higher the value should be on the bet. For the 300h TTS
I recommend to use at least use 5 or 6%.
I think you get the idea. On weekdays open up the TTS and reduce the value a bit to get enough bets and tighten it up for the weekends.
Please remember that, despite betting with an edge, you will have bad streaks. I am currently in a two week slump myself.

Okey thanks, that’s interesting I will try that out for sure. Hopefully things will turn around soon