900 bets, almost 3 weeks in, and negative.

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Averaging 40 bets/day even with taking 2 days off in the last 20 days or so. Pretty disappointing.

Odds shorter than 2.5 , Kelly staking 2% or less.

Thanks for sharing. But sorry to hear that you had a bad start. I understand how you feel.

However, I believe you don’t have to worry. Value betting is basically all about placing many bets over time to even out the variance. I see you have placed quite a few bets so far and I suggest you keep going, as you need to place thousands of bets for the variance to have less impact on your result.

This is why we offer a profit guarantee. If you have had a rough start, you are eligible for a free month - again and again until you profit. Have you read about our profit guarantee?

Also - what Kelly settings do you have? Do you mean 30% Kelly (default setting) and max stake 2%?