Accounts limited very fast. Do you have any tips?

CORAL limited my account after 19 bets and RED32 after 11bets maybe because i started right away with value bets. How should I start to find a way to not get limited so fast?
I read on internet that is better to start with “normal” bets for a while and lose some money and then try to place some valuebets.
I think that for me was a big red flag that i started right away with value bets… but they will find me anyway at some point, even if I place value bets 1 week later after my account has been opened. So i don’t know how to approach this.
Can someone help me with some tips, or a few ideas that could help me? Thank you guys.

There is no way to stop this. If they want to limit, they will do. In my experience, bet365 is the bookmaker that lasts longer

Please check out this blogpost on how to avoid bookmaker limitations: How to avoid bookmaker limitations - Value betting, Sure betting and Matched betting by RebelBetting.