After 800 bets, I'm almost at the same point where I started

Hey, last week I was at -70€, this week I’ve been at +100 and now I am at +3, after 800 bets I am almost at the same point where I started, what good have these 800 bets done me? and why is there so much variance? from being at -70 to 100 and then to 0 again in just one week? …

Max stake: 2%
Values: 4% - 20%
Odds: 1.00 - 2.70
Time to math start: 15h

Nothing to worry about here, after 2000 bets you’ll be at a profit

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this week i have already been in +100 profit, but i lost it after 2 days, how do i know that when i am in profit again i will not lose it again after 2 days? (this weekend i have been in +50 and have lost it again)

You can’t know. The only thing you do know is that in the long run you will make profits. Sometimes you lose 10 bets in a row and sometimes you win 10, but in the long run you will make money

Thanks for your answer, should i modify my config?

It looks good to me. As long as your CLV% is in the positive you’ll make profit

I have had great results in my firts month, I use odds between 1.4 and 2

You can basically have odds from 1.01 to 1000 and it will still be profitable, the variance will just increase.

Pretty disappointed in my results after the same amount of time. Did it ever change for you?

Yes im at almost 2000 bets, 400€ profit

What’s your CLV at, and have you kept your stake sizing roughly the same?
Appreciate the feedback

CLV 2.57%, and yes i’ve progressively changed the stake up to 600€