After how many bets did you get limited on bet365?

I did 3000 bets so far on bet365. After how many bets did you get limited.?

Around the 7k mark

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what was you average bet? I got limited after 32 bets…

30 euros. Yours?

I was limited by b365 after 11.000 bets

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New bet365 accounts here limited after around 500 euros profit

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i get limit in 7 accounts the last 2 months. All account are limited at around 55-60k turnover. Not in same bets not i same profit. But turnover is always the same.

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How do you have many accounts? How you get it work?

Odd, does not match what I’m experiencing. The turnover on my accounts are not close at all.

At which turnover did you get limited?

Got limited at 5k profit, already have another account running, so let’s hope I can make another 5k with this one

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Number of bets and turnover?

Turnover 84 543
profit 5 012

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Lm10 which turnover?

I am trying to understand how
their algoritm to catch valuebetters works.
I think it is about how many times you pick odds which are not favorable to them, not about profit or turnover.

150k turnover

Getting gubbed is part of the game, just place as many bets as possible. You can’t really do something about it. People that say that they also play mug bets or play roulette is nonsense in my opinion.

Just move on to another account once you are gubbed

Salvo if you are betting above the CLV regularly the algorithm will flag your account to be looked at by a trader who then limits your betting.

How do you manage to get new accounts?

ask friends/family

hi i want us to share something,