Already limited on Bet365 after one week

I have been using Rebelbetting trial for little over a week now. I havent done much betting before this. I got limited on paf and betway after few days and now I got limited on Bet365. The joke is that I have made only 95 bets there and I’m -600 euros loss. Total I have 180 bets and -5% yield.

Bet365 claimed to be the best and the most high volume booker for value betting.

There is no point of continuing valuebetting if I get this easily limited. How could I justify buying valuebet starter if limits come this easily. One or five euro bet limit wont make any profit.

I know I could try pro and try sharps, but there would be huge risks.

Were you betting on all sports, such as Argentinian Basketball, Russian third tier hockey, etc or were you sticking to the major and somewhat second tier leagues?

Actually yes, +4% values. Huge mistake I guess.

There should be setting “preferred leagues”.