Am I doing somthing right, or is it just a fluke?

Hello everybody!

First of all, I’ll start of by saying English is not my native language so I’m sorry for any gramatical/spelling errors. Second of all, I’m blown away with my results just in 4 days of using the Value Betting tool.
I have a work that enables me to place bets parallel with me doing my work, so these 4 days I’ve been aiming to place around 150-200 bets per day. During these 4 days the stats looks like this:

Bets: 723
Yield: 7,18%
EV: 3,02%
ROI: 31,04%

Currently I’m 621SEK in profit with a starting bankroll of 2000SEK. I’ve tried to search a bit for similar examples, and I found the “calculator” (Found around halfway trough this page: I was firstly blown away with the results if I’d put around 200 bets/day, 20 days/month, with a ROI 120%. I know that anything multiplied with a higher value will show a bigger outcome. So basicly I have 3 questions:

1.) Is it normal/sustainable to have 30% ROI in 4 days with around 180 bets/day AVG?

2.) Can I get banned by the bookies for using this program? (And if the anwser is Yes, How can I prevent it from happening?)

3.) Is all of this a fluke, and will my ROI go back to the “normal” around 5% in the comming days?

Thanks to all your anwsers in advance, and again sorry for any spelling/gramatic mistakes!


I have the same “symptom” and there are other users who have -20% ROI after 1000 bets. This is a snapshot and based on the number of bets it may not show what we can expect in long-term.

For comparing my results are:


Answering to your first question it may be possible to maintain a 15-30% ROI but I joined 5 days ago so appreciate if an experienced user can confirm it. I guess we will have to make same adjustments in the settings to stay profitable. Furthermore there will always be a variance so I wouldn’t be shocked to see my ROI drops back around 0 for a short time.

You won’t get banned by using this program, just make sure to stay under the radar at the bookmakers you use.

For the third question, your ROI will fluctuate and you get a more realistic picture about the long-term ROI after 10-20k bets. Keep going and share your results, I will do the same and together we will find the best way to sustain a profitable ROI :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your insight Gabor! Yeah I guess it is to early to judge, I’ll make sure to share my stats every other 5k bets or somthing!

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I’ll share my experience with the free trial, which ended about a week ago.
I’m from Bulgaria and the available bookmakers which RebelBetting supports is bet365 and bwin. I used only bet365.
I had very small bankroll, just for the trial: 40BGN, which is about 20 euro.
Because I don’t have access to my account now, I’ll write what I remember :slight_smile:
So, at Options menu my bankroll was 40BGN, Kelly 30%, Max stake was at maximum (I think it was 10%) and sorting value bets by Value.
Then my filters were:
Suggestions with Values between 3% and 99% (actually the maximum value was 5% for the trial account) and odds between 1,2 and 100 (I have to say, I bet only with suggested stakes above 0,25BGN, because this is my min stake at bet365, which odds mostly was not more than 3,00).
And I have enabled all sports and markets.
I started with something like 15 bets for the first day and slightly increased to the maximum for trial account of around 30 bets per day on the 5th or 6th day. My first and second days were with about 30% ROI and go down at -5% on the 6-7 day. So I check the statistic available and see that I was with positive results for Soccer and Tennis and for 1X2 and Asian handicap markets, so I leave only these options. My ROI and profit started to go up and at the end of the free trial it was, I think , 17% with fluctuations between 10 and 20% every day. The graph with my performance was something like this:
The red line is my ROI %.

So actually, beside this negative result in the beginning, I’m really pleased with the result I got with the free trial. I can say it’s not a scam, because RebelBetting system is not just a tipster “database”, but a mathematical calculated suggestions, based on real and many bookmakers odds and actually “beating the bookmaker in their own game” system.

Unfortunately, the subscription plan, even the starter one is a bit expensive for me at this moment, but it really worth it, so now I’m saving money for enough bankroll (let’s say 1000euro) and maybe for annual subscription to get the 35% off the price.