Anyway to delete multiple tracked bets at once?

Spent the last 2 hours deleting bets one by one. Is there no option to select check boxes to delete multiple bets at once? There isn’t even a delete all button if you want to start over.

Been waiting for this feature for years -_-

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There is! See how to delete all bets in the Bet Tracker.

Ah thanks! I took a few months break and getting back into it

I wld have done this if I knew but I already started

Have a few 100 bets already and a few 1000 old bets

I previously said I took a few hours to delete bets manually but actually I’m still doing it :sob:

I think I’ve deleted 2500 so 2500 left :woman_facepalming:t4:

Thanks for letting me know!

Is there any chance of implementing a feature to delete multiple in the next update?

I’m still trying to delete 1000s of old bets

If all the bets are within certain dates, I’m sure that we can help from our end. Just send us an email and refer to your post.