Are Bwin a safe bookie?

Hi all, would anybody be kind enough to share their experiences with Bwin? I have been locked out of my account with no explanation and the livechat service is cutting me off. I have a fair bit of money in there so am quite concerned. Are these a legitimate bookmaker? Thanks in advance for any help

They have problems today. You are not alone. They usually work good

what you mean “locked out of your account” ?
did they blocked you ?
you can not loging ?
you can not make bets ?
you can not withdraw ?
they limited your account ?

I was locked out of my account and had a bit of a panic over my money in there as they were not speaking to me via livechat. I was worried id hear some horror stories of people with there money stolen but all seem good now, thanks for the help

again … what you mean “locked out of your account” ? in every bookmaker it means something different