Are my options a bit too aggro?

I would like one the admn to express his opinion on my option. Please consider in your evaluation the worst case scenario that I get banned within 30 months by the main books I bet on. In September I was banned after 30 days and 2800 bets. I am bit scared to be limited during a downswing.
Does a fractional Kelly of 40% works better than 30 with max stake of 2%?
Also, I currently bet between 1.1 and 4. Is it too wide?

With your bankroll i would use 30$/£ flat stake…you really start to get a lot of attention when you have stakes higher than that. And 1.1 and 4 is way too wide in my opinion…variance will be extreme with this odds. 1.4 to 2.8 i think is the sweet spot in my opinion. By the way, i am not an admin.