Are you able to see "True" odds at time of match/game start?

So I notice on my weekly chart especially, sometimes the blue value line drops a little, what was value obviously turned into negative value by match start, however that’s part and parcel of this style of betting, my query is:

Is there any way to see the % at kick off of a bet you already placed where the value % has obviously changed between placing the bet and game start?

You can compare them with the odds of a sharp bookmaker, like PInnacle.

Nah that wouldn’t work unfortunately.

Way too many bets to go through them one by one to see the difference, was hoping it would be seeable somewhere in RB since after all the blue line can decrease, so clearly it logs the “true” starting odds somewhere in RB software.

That is what you asked…
Simpler is to download your betting data and check the CLV on the bet in the spreadsheet.

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ok, that might work, thank you.