Automatic sign in to bookies not working for me

Hi everyone.

I’m not new to arbing but I’m new to Rebelbetting. A few years ago I used to earn about £500 a month using free or very cheap websites but ended up with a lot of limitations. One of the main draws for me was the automatic sign-in feature to bookies which is supposed to take you directly to the bet you want. So far I have had absolutely zero success with this. Yes, I tried to do the initial set-up but first but even that failed. I’ve tried Bet365, 10bet, William Hill, MarathonUK and even Betfair. Not only does it not take me to the bet, it won’t sign me in at all, for most of them it won’t even enter my user name which I set up. So, in several hours I have managed to place one bet (partially due to having to reorient myself after a break, choose the best accounts for keeping money in, and not being able to access Pinnacle directly through rebelbetting because of location). Is this normal or is it just happening today or on UK bookies?

Also, is it worth betting on anything over 5 %? Any ideas what percentage of bets over that margin are actually cancelled on side for palpable errors?