Automating Value Betting

Are there any tips out there on how to automate VB? Any succes stories? In the beginning I was placing a decent amount of bets, but the last weeks it’s been less and less. I was wondering if anybody had any experience on any ways to automate the betting?

I have custom script, that places bets on bet365 and unibet

I am interested, would you share more info please?

sorry, it’s not for sale and I stopped automating value betting, because it was not profitable (I tested it only for 4 months) … there is no profit guarantee, problems with limited accounts …

can you make a script that automates the RB software? RB detects value and the script checks the odds > if correct > place bet > if not > correct odd and check if value % still good > place bet > otherwise > remove bet. Just copying the given from RB bets and placing them for bet365

I already have that
but as I said, it’s not for sale