Bad news at the begin

Hello Guys, i started 5 days ago and i have bet about 250 bets but my ROI is -3%… i’m following the rules with default options:

Kelly size : 30%
Max Stake : 1,5%

2 bookies… bet365 and unibet…

min percentage: 3.5 and max 30

at most 96 hours

Odds: 1.4 to 2.7

is it normal that my ROI is -3%?

i didn’t think to have a big ROI after 5 days but at least a positive ROI… is it a wrong assumption?

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestions

the bad is 96 hours i think best is 9 hours something like that odds range 1.6-2.3 take out the variance a little… when i did the datebasefilter via another bettingsite

Hi and thanks For feedback

What do you think about max stack? 1.5% Is correct?


i think u will start with 20% and 1% and only the premium leagues