Betfair Sportsbook No bets!

I used to get lots of Betfair bets, today i have had only 1 and last few days hardly any.

Anyone else?

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I just turned on the Betfair Sportsbook (turned it off earlier cause I was limited) and no bets. But there are not many bets with any book late Sunday.
I’ll leave it on for a few days and will the see.

yep same here. Since the last update, it is very bad @Bjorn

but usually way more than now maybe there is one per day now :smiley:

This is not a Sunday thing, there has been next to none for days.

Yes that does not sound right. The BF Sportbook had quite a lot of bets.
Did you report it to the support?

Ive spoken with admin because Ive had no coral and no 888sport bets. I dont normally get loads but ive had zero all weekend. Very odd.

I have not, i was asking if i was only one on here to be honest.

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Looking at this now. Thanks for reporting it.


Guessing you fixed something as just got 3 in the space of 30 seconds lol