Betonline account blocked and fund confiscated

Hello RB members,

I’m seeking some advice on how to recover my funds from BetOnline.

After just 55 bets and winning $44, they suddenly blocked my account and confiscated my remaining funds. While they did return the deposit I made with my credit card, I also made additional deposits with cryptocurrency, and those have not been refunded.

I would greatly appreciate any help, advice, or ideas you might have on this matter.

Thank you a thousand times!

Hey mate, betonlines security team is no doubt one of the best I’ve seen, i remember using a friends betonline account and placing bets there, came time for withdrawal, they asked my friend who is … and quoted my name, my friend the real owner of the account was shocked, he managed to speak to the book manager and somehow convinced him that he has never heard of my name and doesn’t know anyone that goes by that name, anyways after some talk on the phone, they agreed to pay(because I’m sure they had no legal way to prove how they got my name, unless they installed trackers that did that which will be illegal i think and won’t want to admit it publicly, till this date it remains a mystery to me how they knew. If anyone is able to solve this mystery, be my guest.)

You must’ve done something, if you haven’t or feel what you did might cost you your funds and your position is kind of similar to mine above then you can atleast try to reason with them, they’re a reputable book with understanding and respectful staff.