Bets you definitely try to take vs bets you try to avoid

I’m wondering what type of bets you guys find to be the most successful and always try to bet on once you see a value bet for it

And are there any bets that you guys find don’t do so well and try to avoid?

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JUST AN EXAMPLE : if i will see team A with odds 1.55 and team B odds 7.15
I will try to avoid to place a bet like AH-2 team A …I just find it very hard to win in even if there is value there. Also I will avoid under 0.75 goals at Half Time.

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Thanks for your input! I always avoid any AH that is minus. I only try to take the positive AH but only under +1 for football so +0, +0.25 +0.5, +0.75 and +1

I avoid taking any over or under in basketball hockey or baseball. Have you had any luck with these?

i place bets only on football and tennis and esports sometimes

Value is value, i place all bets that i can with good results withing the range i have on settings. One of the best bets so far was handicap +5.5 on hockey with 2.9 odds for max bet. As far as you can get good sample size it should not matter what bets you place. Only thing to consider imo is if you want to avoid playing low level events to avoid limits.


This is the same as me and it’s been working well :slightly_smiling_face: but I thought I would create this topic to see if I could improve it and add other successful ones.

Ye I get what you mean but I seemed to have a dip in my account when I better everything :sob: I will just need to wait until I can do more bets and have the data to go through

Actually you gave me an idea! I might stake £1 on the bets that I don’t usually do. That way I can get the data and not have so much of a dip and if they win then that’s a win :slightly_smiling_face:

Im the same…when I stick to football and tennis my bank is oK, when I select all sports I get battered with large losses everytime on baseball and basketball in particular. Its dis heartening when u hear people saying they bet on EVERYTHING with good results. Over 7 months Ive tried all sorts of strategies and can honestly say USA sports IMO are crap value bets, and always have been losers for me overall.

Purely theoretically, as mentioned by Fiufiuu: “value is value” so you should bet on anything with value.
Now there is some criteria you could consider:

  • Limit the bets on low leagues: this may increase your variance as those markets are not liquid at all (i.e. subject to big variations due to limited total amount of money on it). Plus it risks to flag your account much faster as a value better (i.e. you will get limited), because you are basically betting on random markets and succeeding eveywhere (a normal person would be able to master only a few markets, not all of them) → this is suspicious
  • Limit the bets on high odds: I personnaly just prefer to limit the variance by capping my bets to not too high bet. I consider high above “2,5”, but it depends on your risk aversion in the end.

So to sum up: make sure your betting pattern allow to stay under the radar and play at a risk level that matches your risk aversion (to avoid ending up tilting because you cannot cope with variance)

I’m not sure what you mean by subject to big variations. I know that score wise between big leagues and small leagues there is a big difference.

For example NBA basketball will often be over 160 points and smaller leagues won’t tend to score as much. Is this what you mean?

This approach looks like a bad strategy when checking the stats for the last 6 months.

Football Asian Handicap bets with negative lines (-0.25, -0.5, -0.75…):

Football Asian Handicap bets with positive lines over +1 (+1.25, +1.5, +1.75…):


This is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks for showing me. But where do you find this exactly?

I can only see AH overall

He is the CEO and Founder. That is how he sees it haha :slight_smile:

We can see this sort of detailed data from the backend. Will try to increase the level of detail for all customers on upcoming releases.


I agree that it doesnt make much sense from a human perspective to bet on a full game under 1,75 or half game under 0,75, but thats the whole reason there is value there - because it “feels wrong” to bet on it. The sharp bookies have odds that dont take that into consideration, they just represent the probability of what will happen (minus juice). So if the odds of less than 0,75 half game is much higher at soft bookies (that, to make more money, DO take that into consideration) than at sharp bookies like Pinnacle, theres no reason not to bet on it.

I would like to know tho why it feels like so many of my low odds bets 1,2 -1,49 loses so often, especially in female tennis, and if there indeed is value there. Perhaps its just very volatile. But i have rarely seen a female tennis match with low odds where the favorite dominate the game. Many times iv seen female tennis players with odds 1,2 getting crushed.

i lost a part of my profits on tennis and basket and i decided to stop taking these bets because the variance is extreme in these two sports

Women tennis is usually 3 sets, men have more time to catch from behind. Women are also worse at serving which also benefits upsets

What do you think is low variance sport if not basketball and tennis?

football with odds between 1.40 to 2.60…if you go with higher odds, you will have higher variance in football as well. But the variance in tennis and basket is just extreme with any odds and for me is just too hard to handle…i’ve lost constantly always on basket and tennis. I’ve decided to bet only on football because anyway all of my profits come from this sport. This is just my experience, some people have amazing results on tennis or basket but for me is not working

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@Bjorn Pls, can you tell all time basketboll statistics. I have all positive, except basketboll that is terribile.