Bookie always shaping your bets?

If your chosen bookie(s) try to shape your bets in any way, drop them like a stone. I’ve had big problems with this sort of thing recently, sinking my profits massively.

You mean if they change your stake when you place a bet?

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This means you start being limited on you bets because they suspect (or know for a fact) that you are a profitable player. What generally happens:

  • they will limit you right away to a super small amount WITHOUT warning (had it on 365 clones)
  • they will progressively limit your bets (e.g. instead be able to bet100 you can only bet 75, then a few bet later 60, then a few bet later 30, etc). They don’t give a warning either. had it on Unibet and clones
  • they are “gentleman” and send you an email mentioning your account has been limited to a very small amount for each bet. Had it with Bwin.

That’s the business as usual game we play with value betting. Take money, get busted, move on to the next :wink:

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Yes, indeed. Also, if they refuse your bet altogether. Thrown out Betvictor and Unibet now!

i didn’t know that bet365 had clones, care to share?

Didnt realise Bet365 had clones…please advise which Bookies they are ( Im in the UK)

Well actualyy it’s good you mention it because I just realize I somehow got confused between 10bet and bet 365. Thus I didn’t use any clone of 365 (and I don’t have access to 365 in my country). Sorry mate for the confusion !

On the other hand, Unibet and 10Bet had plenty of clones, so those were extra opportunities to value bet.

Got excited for a moment, because I am banned from Bet 365 and hoped for a clone :slight_smile:

No problem.