Bookmakers suggestions for Romanian users

I feel I can speak for every Romanian user when I say we need more bookmakers which are available for us. I don’t know if you’re already planning on adding any of these in the future, but I hope that my post will encourage you to do it. I’m posting this because it’s hard to make a choice in buying your PRO plan while I only have acces to Betfair, Unibet (limits fast), Betano, NetBet (not a single value bet shown). Don’t want to pay and get limited after 1 week.

So, there is a list of Romanian bookmakers which I can’t find on your site, but these are the ones that offer the best odds and/or are safe and I used or plan to use if you add them.

  • Fortuna (this is a very good bookmaker. Verification process and payment are fast and easy, odds are quite high)
  • Superbet (they often give special bet offers, don’t know if their odds are super high, but this is also a safe bookmaker)
  • Get’s Bet (very safe and easy to use, odds are similar)
    There are more or less other 25 bookmakers but I don’t know much about them, you can search for a list of them and see for yourselves)