Bovada is Cracking Down on Players

I just received this. after about 1000 bets at Bovada:

After careful investigation and deliberation, our Book Managers have made the decision to reduce your wagering limits; these adjustments may vary from market to market.

In addition, we’d also like to call your attention to a change in our Player Commitment, specifically as it pertains to the cancellation of wagers affected by a pre-match line error. Moving forward our Book Managers reserve the right to cancel any wagers, deemed to be placed with the sole purpose of taking advantage of an error.

We can assure you decisions of this nature are not made in haste and we appreciate your understanding.

Warm Regards,
Bovada Customer Service

That’s pretty standard and what we generally mean when we say we end up getting “limited” by a bookie. A soft bookie is like a casino with weakness. If you abuse their weakness (i.e. If you make money), they limit you. Time to move on to another bookie :wink:
It’s unfair but that’s why this business is still alive

got the same message the other day. second time i got it too

Got it the first time the other day on Bovada after upgrading to Pro.

They “limited” me, but to be fair, the imposed limits still seem outside of my bankroll.
I place between $20-50 value bets depending on stake sizing and Bovada still accepts all of them