CLV by bookie/type

Is it possible to include filters in the report? It would be great to see the clv by each bookmaker as well as per bet type.

Seeing the profits is nice but it is not possible to really conclude which bets/bookmakers lead to losses.

E.g., currently I see lets say a clv of 2.0% overall and 1.5% real profits.

Then I see profit on currency terms for each bookmaker.
Another filter is the profit on currency terms for each bet type like Asian Handicap or Over/Under.

I would like to see real profit and clv in these filtered reports. Another nice to have feature would be a filter on two dimensions, e.g. betfair+asian Handicap and bet365+over/under for example.

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CLV per bookie is something I would also like to see. @Simon already answered this in another thread.

I don’t see the point in the bookie+market filter. You will never have enough bets to make those results statistically significant.

That was a misunderstanding, a CLV per bit is not useful. I meant bet type, like O/U or AH as well as the sport itself (soccer, tennis), etc.

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Read the last part of this message :wink:

Why do you assume that filtering on two dimensions would not provide significance? To me this is a question of samples and by time the sample size will lead to significant conclusions.

Are you experienced with statistical analysis in sportmarkets? Assuming significance will not occur sounds to me that due to dynamically changing statistical regimes it takes too much time to cover a large enough sample so that conclusions will be biased?

Would be happy to get more insights in your thoughts. You can also link statistical papers if you know some, I am a mathematician.

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I’m not sure how many bets you need to make an accurate CLV, but I know that you need tens of thousands of bets to make sure that the results are not just random.

If you have 1000 bets with an average odds of 2.00 and a confirmed value of 2%, there still is a 25% chance of loss at the end. After you start combining results from bookmakers, sports and markets it’s hard to see that you would ever get a large enough sample size to make those results significant.

You both have valid points. I think adding global betting reports can solve this. So you can see CLV, flat yield and profit for example a particular bookmaker or market. When looking at all users aggregated, the data will often be statistically significant.

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on rebelbetting missing a lot of things
1 place bets on recommend leagues and not …
also backtest … whole tradings games last 5 years
profits bookmaker… when y will filtyer it out the odds range and edge range on every bookmaker is not the same
time frame recom leagues entry point close to kick off not recommend leagues most of the time 8-9 hours

thks by the way

Just my personal opinion, but I don’t understand explanations like “we don’t show some data x because it’s not statistically significant.” Optimally I want to have access to all data related to my betting history, including CLV per bet (which is btw provided by your competitor(s)). CLV per bookie / type, too (my own and “global”),

CLV per bet would useful indeed. In that case analyses can be done in any dimension of interest.

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