CLV Questions, looking for input

Looking for a little more understanding on CLV. First - is my interpretation correct?

CLV as I understand it is the value over the “true odds” but not the bookmaker odds including juice. So 5% CLV in example would be :

Example : Coin flip (heads or tails) at -105 odds on either side.
True odds are +100 or EVEN, so +105 on Heads would be a 5% value over the true odds.

Second - New questions :

a) Is CLV constantly added to, even when bets are lost? Is it ever subtracted from?

b) I feel like my CLV “drifts” in microscopic amounts sometimes. Earlier today it said CLV: $1,045 , then later (nothing had settled) , it read CLV : $1,037. Now it’s back up to $1,044. Is there any reason for this?

Hey mate @Keasbey , I can’t answer your “b” question, but in regards to the “a”, I see it pretty simple.

The CLV is calculated at the start of the event, and depending on whether it has or has not a value, it is added/substracted from your total CLV. The outcome of the bet has nothing to do with the CLV calculation at all. The bet could be +50% EV and lose anyway, and vice versa. This is causing the variance in your graph between the CLV and P/L lines.

Maybe the answer to your “b” question is that some matches went into in-play so the CLV was already calculated, but the bets haven’t settled yet.

Hope I helped, have a good one mate!