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Hi Guys, just want to know what is the main difference of Bankroll and Starting Bankroll. Also where do I have to upload my bankroll??

Hi there!

When starting out and using ValueBetting for the first time you should enter your starting bankroll - i.e the capital you start with (the money you want to invest). Note that the values you enter will be the same on both “starting bankroll” and “bankroll” when you start.

The bankroll is your effective bankroll, which you should update frequently when you are value betting. This is done to reduce variance as it ensures the kelly stake sizing is correctly calculated.
Please read more here on how to adjust your bankroll while betting.

You cannot “upload” your bankroll with us, you have to deposit the money you wish to invest into the various bookmakers you wish to use.

For more help, please see the ValueBetting manual, visit our support page or contact me and the support team on our website chat.

thanks @Hanna

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