Diferrent sports, different settings!

hello everyone! ill share my experience trough almost a year of value betting from 20 usd to 350!

in the beggining wasnt easy and ofc i was using very loose settings and things didnt start great still i wasnt losing but i wasnt also making money! so after i searched lots of post in google and stuff about value betting i came across some setting that have been working fine so far for me!

for soccer i use : odds from 1,5 to 2,5 and edges from 2%+ , and games starting below 3 hours!
for basket/hokey: i tought this sports werent profitable for a long time until i found a guy crushing and he shared his settings, i start using them and things are going great too, so…: for this 2 sports i use almostsame thing the only difference is i place bets below 12h from the game start!

hope this works for more ppls as it has been working for me!
gl all

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Thanks for sharing! Do I understand correct that the only difference between your filter for soccer vs hockey/basketball are that with soccer you place the bets 3hours and below from game start?

exactly that :wink: also for all when you going to try someting or some advice from ppl you dont know try using kelly 15% and see the results for youself before you commit! for me this is working so it should work for all of you :wink: had only 2 downsings of 40 trough this process!

So u are now betting 350 on a single game?