Different value for same odd, less value bets in software


  1. why are there same odds, but different value ?

  2. in browser it shows me “580 bets in total” … in software it shows me only 171 bets … why is that number different ? (in software I allow everything)

  1. My guess is that bet365 odds is rounded
  2. Are you using the same settings in the software and the browser? (Same sports, markets and so on) ?
  1. web - it doesn’t matter what I set. Under web bets there is still number with total bets
    software - I’m using filters for all bets (all markets, odds from 1 do 50, value from 0.1 to 50, all sports, all bet types)
    right now:
    web = 890 bets
    software = 310 bets