Do I have a setting wrong?

I am wondering if I have a setting wrong. The vast majority of bets that pop up for me are negative odds…My screen shows my average is +107 and I am going to verify that later today because it sure doesn’t even seem close. I can’t see a way to win long term if all the bets are negative odds.

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I think you have set your odds display to “moneyline” that is common in US.
Set it to decimal.

Thanks but I want to see it as moneyline. I was referring to the amount of bets that are showing for that show odds that -100 or higher. I was expecting I would see way more that were +100 and higher than the other way around.

Then I suggest that you read up on positive expected value betting. You do not need more of +100 bets than -100 bets (i.e lower odds vs. higher odds).

I did not say I need more I said I expected to see more. I know quite a bit about EV. I have placed over 12K bets using another software and that data shows a clear difference in my ROI with bets placed between the 2with +100 and above having a big advantage. I was just curious if I had a min setting wrong is all. No worries, I will keep plugging away and see what happens.

Sorry for trying to help.
Maybe if you had shared the settings it would be easier to give advice. In my experience the data from other +EV betting software’s are not directly transferable between providers.
As an example RB do not offer Overs on soccer. TMS offers Os and Us on soccer. Both have reasons for what they do.
Anyway, good luck and welcome.

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Here is where I am set at right now.

Settings look good but with only 4 hour to start you will get heavily filtered bets. I have myself rarely gone below 1.3 min odds.
Some members who run with very low min odds settings can maybe share their experience?
A draftking clone and WilliamHill are the only of those bookies that I have used (gubbed very fast).

I changed to 1.3 and 12 hours. Does that sound better?

“heavily filtered bets”… this is interesting. Are you saying you prefer to take high value bets that have a longer time to start?

I consider it to be heavily filtered if you only show bets that are within 4 hours. That was one of the things that I observed.
I can not say I prefer one over the other since there are more variables at play. Everything else equal I prefer shorter time to start since I can turn the bankroll faster…

It is all up to you. With 12 hours you should have more bets.

That is why I had it at 4 but honestly don’t think I have went through my bank in that time period. I will test it at 12 and see what happens.

gotcha. yeah that’s fair. It’s really personal preference I guess. If I’m betting on lower league stuff, I try to make sure I’m not betting on anything more than 2 hours out, but I only do that on weekends really when there’s plenty of volume