Double games again.Also free days from saturday mistake nit count yet!

Screenshot by Lightshot 2 games i played 10 mins ago come again for me to play them.U said at wendesday u put 3 free days to people and still not in.

Screenshot by Lightshot new problem .program doesnt know if we playd this game or not.

Thanks for letting us know!

You will be credited your free days. :slight_smile: Please email support directly or chat with us on our website if you have questions regarding this.

i know its just my free days end tomorrow.ANd this month is almost negative for me.

what about the games that we played and 10 mins after they come again?i get another one now mean i happen to remember the games cause i have only 2 bookies but when there is to much games i cant.And yea i play small bets but what if i play 30-40 euro stakes and play 3-4 games 2 times and lose thats a lot u have to do smthing about it. One week ago i played 5 tennis match twice and 2 of them 3 times cause of that and i lose around 70-80 euro.