E Sports Downturn

Has anyone experienced a significant downswing on E Sports in the last three weeks??
Do many of you exclude or filter differently??

I excluded it from May because a few value bets were showed up only and it generated a negative yield.

The results have been unreal last 4 weeks!!!
Time to remove Until Further Notice

massive downswing in last 2 month. around 70% profit gone. dont know what is going on. i lost 1500£ in single week

Same here and I am amazed nobody from Admin has commented on the post either…
I need to know what the CLV across E Sports is for all members placing bets.

Any filters on this??

Ive noticed it too…It was a surprise winning outlet when I 1st joined a month ago, as Id never bet on Esports…but its now U turned and become my worst loser ( AFTER BASEBALL). Ive temporarily stopped betting on Esport

Why stop betting on E-sport?

Last 6 months:

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198 bets—
losing £100
doesnt seem good…or maybe I should stick with it and re-asses after more bets :slight_smile: ?

I guess the longer term is the way to see it…I’m back on with Esports :slight_smile:

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