Excel help please

Hi everyone,
please can someone help me.
i’m wanting to analyse in excel which odds are predominantly winning and loosing so ive downloaded all my bets, but im struggling to remeber how to create a chart so i can see the results.
ill post a screen shot of my data (ive done just under 1k bets but for the below screengrabs it will only show a small grab of the winners and loosers so you hopefullycan understand what i mean). any help would be really apprecaited,
thanks in advance


Do you use RB starter or Pro?

I use starter. I’ve copied the list of bets into excel…and filtered the results with win / lose into 1 column and the odds into the other

Pro version includes the feature to download your bets so that was the reason why I asked. Maybe some other member can help you with what you want to achieve? Otherwise there are plenty of resources online that teaches Excel… Very quickly though, of course you will have more winners the lower the odds are. We know that without any Excel sheet.

see if it is what you are looking for

How is your post relevant to this thread?

Because I have attached an excel sheet that I used.
which calculates various parameters depending on the stake and the percentage value by dividing between won, half-won, drawn, half-lost and lost.
is at point number 3) the file is called RebelBetting-part2.xlsx
I’ve put it up in case @crandall wants to see it. maybe it’s not what he wanted, maybe he can use it anyway, maybe he can take a cue from it to make the chart he wanted, maybe he can do nothing with it.
Since I had already done it for my plays and now I’m basically not going to use it anymore because I’ve been limited I thought I’d share it since I’ve read in a few threads of people wanting to analyse their data.

Sorry. My bad. The part of your post that was visible made it seem as if that was the complete post.
Than you for sharing.
Perhaps you can give a summary of your analysis?

I cannot provide any analysis because there are only about 800 bets, I have been limited (the 2nd account only lasted 2 weeks). It is difficult for me to continue collecting data. But if someone else wants to, they can continue