Hi Guys
Hope you are all profiting! Just want to put out a perplexing question to members.
It has struck me that options exist for ODDS Range,VALUE %, and Time to Match Start. Ive been an avid reader of the Community posts and noticed that although RB has its defaults, many users use their own settings.
I am guessing that RB 's defaults are the best ( or why would they offer profit guarantee?) . I ve also looked at a competitors recommended settings, for comparison purposes. Theirs are totally different to RBs as well…with higher odds range but shorter Match Start range,
Is there an answer to this question? ie WHAT ARE BEST SETTINGS??

I’m curious too :frowning:

Shorter match start’s got an impact on CLV, you rarely see people using 100 Hours and having a CLV above 3%, It’s usually 2-2.5%. Reducing time and increasing min edge really help with increasing clv