First 48 hours of using VB

Hi there!
I’ve been using Rebelbettings value betting software now for the last 48 hours and these are the results i’ve been getting.

So far I have only been using two betting services, Bet365 and Svenskaspel. The sports I have been betting on are Football, basketball and Tennis with these settings:

So far its only been a small sample, but I’ll stick to the same strategy and settings for another couple of days before I eventually change something. :grin:

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I’ve now been using Rebelbettings Valuebetting software for one week and must say that the results have been astonishing! I’m up about 7500kr (703€) which, since the winnings are tax free, is more than i earn in one week of working.

I’ve kept almost all settings the same except for changing “hide bet after placement” to Entire match. I have also added Unibet as a bookie.

I have noticed though that the only market that has been profitable has been Asian handicap. Hence, I’m thinking about just betting on handicaps and see if that will improve my results. Anyone else that have tried that strategy?

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Congratulations! You’ve had a good start. Keep betting and you’ll eventually profit even more. It’s all about placing many bets over time. Note that variance plays a big role at the beginning of your value betting career. :slight_smile:

2 weeks of using valuebetting and I 've been in a steady profit streak.

Today I did start noticing that my I am only able to place about 1-2 € per bet on Bet365 though. My guess is that this means I have been limited after only 8’000 kr in profit (750€). Considering seems to be where most bets are found i don’t really know how it will affect my future profits.