[Fixed] Service problems Saturday 26 March

Since a few minutes every bet i place it’s impossible to put it in the tracker, they all give me this error: “failed to log bet. Failed to save bet and odds”

It’s saturday so plenty of games to bet on, can you fix this asap?


i was ready to make a post about this too. Here is a screenshot Screenshot by Lightshot

Me too🤦🤬???

Yeah that’s the error message. Cmon it’s not possible that almost every weekend there is some kind of error that doesn’t allow us to work for a while

Same here.
Need to be solved asap!
Also Support button doesn’t work for me.

Same here, also is Saturday when there is lots of values now and you can’t bet….

did they fix it fast last time?

Same problem here
Solve It ASAP
There are manu value bet in the weekend

Can’t even snooze them to be able to log them later… ffs

Last time they were able to look afterwards, so personally i’m doing the bets, pressing log and on to the next.

how long did the last fix take?

This way you will not know if you have place same bet many times.

Well yes, cause I have a pretty good memory.

After 100-200 bets in a raw I don’t trust my memory and that’s the reason i pay an alert service.
I’m sure @Simon or @Hanna will take care of that asap.

comon comon, 180€ month this cannot happend


Cmon at least give us some update @Simon

fix if fast please

Not gonna miss out on value bets. Placed bets anyway but the bets under Rebelbetting can’t be removed too. So stuck with the few bets shown at the first 10 bets.

I pay 180 for this service. Solve the problem asap


I actually think there’s no customer support on weekends… But for the price we pay things like these can’t keep happening on a weekly basis