[Fixed] Took my money 2 days ago but subscription still not working

I’m not normally one to complain, but after 2 days of seeing positive results on the free trial I decided to sign up to the Pro tier, paid my subscription fee (£383 for the first 3 months with the 15% discount).

The money came out of my account immediately, I got a confirmation page to confirm I had paid for the pro subscription clearly showing my registered email address (this is important), however the website still has me on the free trial.

I notified the ‘live’ chat that same evening (Sunday), but the best I’ve had since then is one reply to say that they don’t have an account registered in my email address (despite me providing a screenshot to show otherwise). There seems to be absolutely no urgency to get this resolved for me yet they’re happy to have my money.

I know this isn’t a scam as I can clearly see the results and have friends using the service successfully, however the lack of customer support or care is what is really getting to me. Not even an email to say “Sorry, we’re looking into it for you”.

@Hanna I’d really like this looked at as a priority and sorted this morning please.

No need to worry, we’ll sort this out for you. We will add time to your account so you won’t lose any days you’ve paid for. Continuing via email/chat.

Panic over, SuperBjorn has saved the day, thank you for responding so quickly

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