Handicap filter

Hi, currently I’m only betting on 00 &
(-handicap) so I was just thinking if there was filter to eliminate (+handicap).
It would be great if we can select over/under, +/- market separately.
Anyone here who has same thought ?

Why are you excluding positive handicaps?

Fun fact, home and away positive handicaps are one of the most profitable types of bets that are more likely to always soar above clv, couple that with kelly and you’ll sail, the same way betting unders blindly will lead to less losses than betting overs blindly this same phenomenon applies to + handicaps because they start out as winners already and get more valuable with time decay.

My advice, take every bet, they’re all profitable. If they weren’t then they wouldn’t come up in your betfeed, Rebels teams back test every single market before offering it and if a markets stops generating +yield it is removed, with that being said you have nothing to worry about. Except it’s an ulterior motive such as wanting your accounts to last longer or personal preference.

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