How many people were limited/blocked today on bet365?

Me and my friend are been limited today. somebody else? Is there a check in progress?

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Probably a conincidence. Bet365 is weird, I made couple thousand from them before they banned me, whereas coral for example red flagged my stlye of betting (value betting) pretty much within 72 hours, along with most other bookies, average was between 3 days and a week before getting restricted and/or banned. Bet365 however let me go for a few months.

Might be a coincidence but I have experienced that it happens towards the end of the month…
Maybe I’ll create a poll and we get some data on when members have had their B365 account limited.


I have been limited today.

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Got stake restricted yesterday,can still place about $15 since i was wasnt value betting too much on my old bet365 account lately.Do you think they will check my account more frequently now.

Was that your own/old bet365 accs or new ones?

Got limited yesterday as well