How to reset the tracker

how to reset the tracker
reset it.
I was in trial mode I registered bets
Now I’m in pro mode
I started with a budget of 367 euro
But I have the impression that the bets recorded in the tracker are disturbing.

i would like to know the answer for this question as well…

this concern will lead me to a bad start of my pro package.
I want to reset the tracker because it contains trial mode bet records.
Completely reset the tracker as if it were a new account
please a solution.

guys, but you need to ask! Tag the CEO, tag Hanna, tag co-founder…do something cuz otherwise you will not find any solutions if you just wait. I would tag them but they don’t like me i think… because i just ask them too many questions and i tagged them A LOT asking about everything ( AND I STILL HAVE SOME QUESTIONS :))) ), but if you never asked them anything, you should ask

Just ask through the livechat and they will reset the tracker for you! Worked for me well

Thank you for your answer

I’m still waiting for another

I have bets in progress once all these bets are finished I would like to reset my tracker because it contains the records of the bets I placed when I was in trial mode
it’s an emergency because I feel like it’s causing a problem.
I am asked to update my bankroll up to date except I only have 367 euro

Through the online chat. They reset for mine

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