I am new here, can somebody help with set up?

Hi! I am new here, 10 day of my free trial, I started quite ok and in first 3 days I made up to 16% but from that I am going down to current 3%, my settup is here

and this is my profit info from bettracker thank you for all respond

Matej, the settings are ok. So far you have very few bets. Of course, there are also declines. This has to be taken into account.

Hi Matej95,
You have a turnover of about 20.000.
Your ROI is 3%. You should expect something between 2.81% and 1.04%…
The min value on the bets is on the low side… I don’t remember what the trial version allows for. You should aim for min value to be more than 3.8%, at least initially, when trying to grow the bankroll.
Check around in the forum. Questions very similar to yours have been answered many times already. The RB team has also very good e-books that guides you.
Good luck.