I don't get enough bets even with RebelBetting Pro

I purchased a Pro subscription thinking I would have hundreds if not thousands of bets to place each day, but I found out the number I get it’s almost the same I got before. Mostly 20-35 in the morning and a few more through the day.

These are my filters:

Almost all my bets are either 1xbet or bet365. Is there any other bookmaker that offers consistent value bets?


Unibet you can get +50 a day weekends 100+

As @Jordy789123 said, Unibet have loads of bets. There should be a list somewhere here of all the bookies available for your country, you need to open as many as possible!

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I got limited on Unibet. 32red also. I don’t know what I could do.

So you need to find the article on the blog here that will list all the bookies you can sign up with. And/or sign up to Unibet on another device using a friend’s account.

the problem is when y to bet to often on non recomend leagues y will limited fast on the most bookies… need to take out all non recom leagues and bet amounts like 10-20-30-50-100

so long y bet on games in non recomend leagues do not make sense at all y will loose all your accounts

If I did that I’d get even fewer bets a day.

Unibet odds are most accurate, but they almost always limit my bets to the point where they’re not worth placing. They’ve been doing that since day one, and they do it no matter what league I’m wagering on (even NBA, NFL, etc). Do you know if there’s a way around this?

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Not yet …