Ideas to avoid being limited by bookmakers

Hello Everyone

I think that together we can add ways to prevent bookmakers from limiting us and thus increase the life of our accounts.

I can propose some ideas and you are adding more to the list, so everyone can follow this ideas to avoid some obvious error and others can do more advanced ways.

Basic Ideas
1- Make your first deposit small. Try to add more funds after having a progression in your value bets
2- Don’t make frequent withdrawals or don’t withdraw entire balances. Never try to withdraw funds if your account isn´t limited yet.
3- Bet round numbers, preferibly in 5 or 10. Avoid using decimal in your bets after kelly suggested a precise stake, try to round a number near to 5 or 10.
4- Avoid Minor League or Low tier Leagues. This is very fundamental, because the majority of goods value bets are on this type of games. And also depends on the sport.
5- Stick to 3-4 major sports
6- Avoid value bets too high. (Anything below 10% is a good choice) This can be a palpable error and can be very easy to catch you doing smart bet. Soft bookies hate smart gamblers.
7- Stakes amount that are under the bookies radar. Stakes below 50-60 euros per bet is a stake comfortable for the bookie.
8- Try to make one bet per game. This way you reduce your variance.
9- Don’t open multiple bookies accounts at the same time
10- Clear your cookies regularly, because bookies track your activities using cookies.
11- Don’t bet max stakes.

Camouflage ways to behave like a recreational punter
1- Make some accumulator or multiple bets
2- Play some euros at the casino occasionally.

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Just to add, I do not take bonuses etc. Just think it draws more unnecessary attention.

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