I'm a novice, if anyone answers mine, thanks. And thanks to VPN, let me learn a lot of knowledge

Hi! I’m still a novice, and I was a little bit put off when I saw the subscription fee, which is indeed expensive for me. And Pinnacle, which I often play, requires a pro subscription, which is really bad news. Do you have events if you can? Or let go of the restrictions of other platforms.
from Lee

Thank you very much, my account is no longer restricted to speak.
I am from China, but all honest bookmakers in China need to subscribe to Pro, unfortunately, I cannot enjoy the trial time. If you welcome Chinese users.

Hi ChineseBoy and welcome to the community.
It is quite clear, when signing up for Rebelbetting, that there are differences on the two options, Basic and Pro.
The sharp bookmakers and exchanges are only covered in the Pro version.
If you want more bookmakers covered then please specify them and message the staff of RB about it.

You mean that I can apply for a temporary trial of a bookmaker, is that what you mean? Dear

No. I mean that you can ask if the developers can add the bookmaker in a future release/upgrade.

thanks i will try