Is it actually possible to make big money?

I’m getting really interested in betting as an investment, and I’m wondering what’s actually doable.

I’m interested in making big money on the long run, which means I’ll have to be able to not be banned for quite a while, including when I raise my stakes because I reinvest my winnings.
When I say big money, I’m talking minimum 50k a year, 100k would be better.
Theoretically, with a 2K starting bankroll and 30% monthly ROI, you get to 1 million after 2 years, which is a nice number :smiley:

I’m planning to start with a 2k bankroll, but if it’d help I could start with 10k.

Also I’m betting from France, so I’ll have to use a VPN to access the best bookies for value betting, but I’m not sure if it’ll be enough (do they require proof of residence in one of their authorized countries ?).

So my question is : how far is it actually possible to go ?

(also how much time per day would be realistic ?)

Thanks for your insights :slight_smile:

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First off if you’re serious about this, move to the UK then. Secondly, if this is your first time V.Betting then i recommend you start with like 4-5 if you have cos first gubbings tend to take longer than 2nd or 3rd…
Personally opinion, when I’m done with college, i think i might work for a syndicate and learn some skill/finesse on how to be profitable on sharps longterm, join that with a software then I’m good to go

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