Is there anything I need to change with my settings? Only on £300 profit after +1.5k bets

Hi Guys. UK user here. Ive been using RB for nearly a month now. I’ve unfortunately been stake restricted on bet365, Unibet, 10bet, Will Hill, Bwin, ladbrokes and Coral. Im currently using betvictor, betway and casumo until im stake restricted on those. After I will be using Boylesorts, Skybet and 32red until I am stake restricted on those.

Until today i was also value betting on sharps: smarkets (mainly), betfair and matchbook but I’ve not been very profitable on those so have disabled those.

I have 2 more sets of accounts I can use for bet365 and other bookies after finishing with these others ones.

My question is, do I need to change any of my settings to improve my CLV and profit? (screenshots provided). My CLV average and profit seems quite low compared to others after doing 1500+ bets at around £10 stakes starting on a 1k bankroll. I was hoping to be atleast 1k up after my first month, but that doesnt seem to be the case with being on only £300 profit haha.

Do i just keep going, surely I’ll hit a good spike of variance soon?

Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks

Welcome to the community.
You did not post your staking settings…
Maybe some other members want to provide feedback on your settings. I want to stress that the last four to six weeks have been quite unusual, with quite big downswings for a lot of members.
I would suggest to not go to crazy on changing settings based on the performance during this period.

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Sorry about that, here are my staking settings

Hello, your time to match start is what needs tweaking. 100h is a lot, new market info can render a 4% edge you took negative (-). As a general rule of thumb, i take 7%> for 7-24hours thus providing me with a large enough buffer to still have some ev even after the market has drifted. Reduce time to a max of 24 hours