Keeps on losing.

I have now had a losing streak for 11 days in a row. My CLV is improving while my yield keeps getting worse.

11 whole days of losing money. Does anyone else experience this? Should not the yield rise? I make around 100 bets per day.
How many bets do i need for the yield to reach the CLV?

Same here bro keeps losing

I had yield 4.5 and now I have 3.5,(from 1 november) with 9000 games played. imagine how much I have lost these days, in almost 700 matches that I decided during this period, 600 could be losers

My yield is 0,32%

Last 11 days I have doubled my profit. Yield is 6.79% and CLV 3.29% with 1981 bets since 27th Sept.

What settings do you use? How many bets per day and which markets? :v:

Same for me. Still losing as well, just cannot recover. Any change for you?

Nope Money still losing

For me yesterday was horrible, went from 580 to 275 eur but today that 275 has gone up to 480 again, but no this month has still been positive

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