Ladbrokes & Coral

Hi everyone.

It might just be me being stupid…but these 2 are the most difficult to find the bets on. All other bookies seem to have a SEARCH but oftentimes, before Ive found the bet on the above 2 , its value has dissapeared. I called helpdesk, but got nowhere.
Does anyone have a tip, or do I jus persist the slow way?

Hey mate.

I stopped using them just for the exact same reason you’ve mentioned. The way to get to the bet you are looking for is so f-ing tedious… Haven’t found a way around it. GL

You’ve hit the nail on the head. Its a pity that the BET link from the RB site doesnt take you straight to the actual bet.


they were faster dropping the odds than your finger

I have a page for every big sport like basket tennis soccer and hockey and have the page in the competitions of the sport. So i just look the competition of the game get in choose the game and place the bet. Its hard but ladbrokes works really good for me.