Make subscription cheaper, because of COVID-19

I think, scubscription should be much cheaper these days, becouse of COVID-19
every country is canceling their leagues
in next 14-XY days there will be only few matches, so it will be not profitable for us

Indeed, the situation is unique. You do have the option to pause your subscription if it is a monthly subscription or longer. From the terms:

Customers may request to pause their subscription for a minimum of two weeks, and a maximum of three months.

Please contact support if you want to pause your account.

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Hello, I texted to support but nobody answer me :frowning: I want to stop my subscription for little time untill corona panic will not end. I hope it will ends at nearest months… Fuckin corona!

Hi there,

If you have emailed support or chatted with us, we will answer you as soon as we can (during regular business hours, CET). I checked our inbox, but I could not see that you have emailed us using your community email address. Please send me a pm and I’ll help you further regarding this.

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Yes maybe email running wrong. I send you pm. Thank you so much! Hope corona panic will ends soon! :frowning:


We hope so too! :slight_smile: