Max % variance everyone has experience

What is the max variance or drawdown people have experienced from their total balance? I’m new to the game and I understand that is a long term strategy, so getting my head around what my variance could look like will help me physiologically.

Would I be accurate to expect at max of 30-50% drawdown of my balance at some given time of my long term strategy?

There is no maximum, there could theoretically be a total wipe out . You need to understand that Value Betting is carrying no guarantee on any number of bets winning. Value betting is a theory based on large numbers coming good in time. I dont wish to put you off, but I feel it irresponsible to let you believe there is any guarantees at all.
I could balance my statement by pointing out that you could also theoretically double your opening balance within your 1st month.
I know which outcome you would prefer :slight_smile:

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