Mixed bets doubles/ trebles

Hi has anyone tried combining the value bets into doubles/trebles/trixie bets?

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Thats a good question…

this is a good idea and this should be somehow tested, i think the winning rate will drop like 50-60% from the current metrics, but the reward will be bigger and you can use 1% of you capital to place the bet on odds 5.00 or higher and let’s just say that the win rate will be like 25% but if the risk/reward ratio will be 1to6 or 1to5 you can actually make money with a 25% win rate, so these numbers makes sense on the paper but this still has to be tested.

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Update did a trial for doubles betting, didn’t pick the odds or games just used what ever can up for value betting and used them.

so I would do my value bet then preload the bet up again with the selection and then waited for the next value bet and added that to the double to bet on.

My example was 30 doubles $10 each with a profit of $200 ($140 from one double) 9/30 winners.

Have been limited on bet365 now so can’t really continue, but was looking promising.


this is a good start, sorry to hear you were limited

I think you have oldest bet 365 currently Valuebetting (5 months):sweat_smile:great record @Jolly007

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